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French Sessions

ShareFrench Sessions These pieces were put down off the cuff one night with some non-standard […]

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Sunblind – Cheese Burger Blues

Share Sunblind – Cheese Burger Blues My first video for a new Franglais project – […]


Within Temptation And We Run ft. Xzibit

Share Within Temptation And We Run ft. Xzibit Remix There are no rules in music. […]


Ron Wood Vs Jake Edwards

Share Ron Wood Vs Jake Edwards Ron Wood, yes he of The Faces (& The […]


Bionic Soul

ShareBionic Soul Live one man performance of Bionic Soul – iPad running Samplr pushed through […]


Rainbows of Fire

ShareRainbows of Fire Back in October ’13, with Balley Warson on bass and the legendary […]


Jet Lag

ShareJet Lag Sessions Jetlag comes from one late night whiskey improvisation session using randomly detuned, […]

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Uncle Satan

ShareWords and Sounds – Bridge of Sighs Revisited – Noise Dub – Enter Uncle Satan […]


Gnom’ Bonobo Bo’Bun

ShareGnom’Bonobo Bo’Bun During a wine fuelled Bo’Bun soiree with Balley Warson, the legendary Cheb Seb […]

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Wholeworldband – Redux

Share             . I Could do with Love – KognDisso KognDisso […]


Prince of Cats

Theme for an imaginary western.

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Albion Soundtrack

Complete Soundtrack. Lady of Tears. Prince of Cats (revisited). In the Air. Dead Leaves.


Whole World Band – WholeWorldBand

Recording with the game changing killer music app. Music will never be the same again.

whole world band

Sundown Sunflower

Sung through a microscope and recorded with Whole World Band in Dublin.

stereo magnets


Beats, loops and samples from KORG MS20 live session in the mountains. featuring Raleigh Rosso & Balley Warson.


Dead Astronauts

Pandasonics. Stretched out to infinity.

whole world band

Panda 3

Whole World Band. Jam and record video live into the cloud. The killer music app.


Way of the Gun

Bury the bodies down in New Orleans…