Whole World Band – WholeWorldBand

Jake Edwards versus Ron Wood – Fill her up Honey Remix

Two years ago I had the chance to submit a live music video for a project called WholeWorldBand. I didn’t know much about it except that it was a cloud based audio visual music collaboration platform, Ronnie Wood was on it, and it sounded as though it would change everything. Kevin Godley was the creator – I wanted to get involved. I didn’t have an iPhone or an iPad back then so I wrote my drum, bass and guitar parts filmed them individually on a camera and sent them to the dev guys. Kevin Godley the mastermind behind the app said he liked the tune – “the loud one” :). 16 months passed. Nothing. John sent me the beta…I couldn’t get it to work.

Then out of the blue, everything changed – Lego Manga flew me out to test the app in Dublin. We holed up in John’s private studio and got to work; the resident stratocaster  was “blowin’ in the wind”, “buzzing like a fridge”! So, after an hour and half of rescucitation (strings, saddles, intonation, high high action) we chained all the gear (mixers, ipads, interfaces) & fired up the app.

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