Way of the Gun

After I quit living in the bands rehearsal lock-up*, left the weirdos, and the crazed healer but before I lived in the back of J’s garage I lived for months on the lounge floor of a house of christians. They ate well, but didn’t drink much. I wanted to get Way of the Gun down whilst the lawn sprinkler hit the windows.


*It wasn’t easy – no wondows, electronic access gate, then a locked roller blind then a second padlocked door. Each unit had motion sensor activated klaxons which after 3 hours would reset. If you moved in the night the klaxons would blast and security would turn up. Most of the time high winds set them off. Once the klaxons started I had to get up, dismantle the bed, hide it in the corner and pretend I was recording at night, not eking a marginal living in the poverty stricken nowhere of my own myth. I had to get in and out unseen, below a row of offices on top of the units. I bought Song and Dance Man III to keep me going.

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