Uncle Satan

Words and Sounds – Bridge of Sighs Revisited – Noise Dub – Enter Uncle Satan – Blue Order

Live in The Ruins of Tarakena Bay

Sloping floors, a room with a polystyrene wall, lunatics, a fridge full of unidentified flying shit and multi million dollar sea views 30 feet from the ocean. You can have all that for 180 bucks a week if you’re prepared to live in a house that’s falling apart. There are only nine houses in the city with gardens onto the sea, but sandwiched in between the well-to-do is where we all washed up – the ruins in Tarakena Bay.

La deuxième G.C. Mr. Dan Smart was there…and several other slighlty unhinged cats. A nocturne klepto in the shed. Au Revoir. The next dude was alright – he listened to Bad Brains.  Cool cats at the local cafe – Gay Ralph and the hipsters.

The house was a fucking mess. Two kitchens only 4 x 10 feet each. One without a cooker; the other with a dishwasher that no-one had ever plugged in. “It’s broken man…” The weird stuff in the fridge. My car was ticketed / towed. Sketchy grebos in the houses over the road. A severely perforated P.O.S. white Toyota. I knew I was in for trouble when the guy literally RAN AWAY after exchanging the cash. It was no refuge even after the House of a Million Plates.

Uncle Satan

Through the front door one bizarre large useless room with 6 doors. We filled it with equipment. The cellist Tuei was running a load of Dj kit, his cello and an electro harmonix looper. And we played often and usually loud. The neighbours never said a word. We jammed all the time. It was the FashiQn. Sometimes a tape was running.

One night Original G.C. Monsieur Uncle Satan arrived with some pals to save the day. Everyone was totally saoul. I remember leaning back against the wall and thinking “My legs are like jelly.” I couldn’t even speak. And definitely not for the benefit of the tape. I only had a microcosmic $300 line 6 amp because I was always on the move. Always….

Anyway….there’s nothing better than your favourite friendly neighbourhood superhero, Uncle Satan rocking up for a jam. I’m posting just because I found it.

Dan Smart – batterie. percussions. vox.
Uncle Satan – kaossilator. rhythm guitar
Jake Edwards – guitars. loopstation. samples. effects.
Zack Kahukura – keyboards. kaossilator.
Calvin Hatua – bass.


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