Ron Wood Vs Jake Edwards

Ron Wood Vs Jake Edwards

Ron Wood, yes he of The Faces (& The Rolling Stones) created a seed track for Kevin Godley’s wholeworldband app. This is a full audio visual remix created from the live tracks and live performance videos on wholeworldband.

Sarah Louise Keane really nails the vocals.

I really dig the mixes with Glenn Rosborough, Mr. Wiregrass, Johnny Sippel, & Peter Gorges. I used to live down at Kenny Jones’ studio in the 90′s  - so it’s The Faces all the way for me. Thank you Dylan!

Anyway here’s one of the other wholeworldband mixes.



Live tracks:

Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – Ron Wood
Lead & Rhythm guitar – Jake Edwards
Lead vocals – Sarah Louise Keane
Backing vocals – Roisin Doyle, Clodagh Ryan
Bass – Paul Flood
Drums – Dan Smart

Jake Edwards - beats, programming, percussion, 2nd bass, mixing, sampling, editing, keys, synths, production, motion graphics, video effects, video editing, animation and compositing.

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