Rainbows of Fire

Rainbows of Fire

Back in October ’13, with Balley Warson on bass and the legendary Cheb Seb on batterie; we threw a set together for a Lisboa gig / jam. Grand Wazoo Cheb Seb needed money for food even though I’d been force feeding the band with loops from an iPad running Samplr, SunVox and Turnado. He was still hungry. This is some of the junk I found laying around…Of course we only ever played the songs properly at the gig.


Rainbows of Fire

Wicked Messenger (Bob Dylan)

Blackstar Lightning

Blues in E

Prince of Cats

Return of the Messenger

Guitar, loops, samples, voice – Jake Edwards
Bass and effects – Balley Warson
Drums and noises – Cheb Seb

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