Prince of Cats Live to Air

Live on the radio Prince of Cats.

“One day the ground will Swallow you up.”

XXXX leaves and takes everything. It’s tough living in a house with no furniture. Not even a chair. I think I lasted about a week. I rented a room with Danzig but it wasn’t ideal. My job was still hanging on by a thread so I moved into the Park area of town. Written just before the big quake, I left the island, arrived in the north at O Bay, slept on a board in the yellow kitchen & began composing music; but nothing was happening with the production. I split. After an eternity in the House of a Million Plates and the NouveauVille nightmare I headed to the ocean – began recording in the ruined house at Tarakena. It was an insane asylum. Crazy fiends and hairies in the shed, whip hop rappers in the basement, damaged cellists and a bizarre couple in the death throes of a love hate relationship collapse. By the time I was down the road at the intersection with Enzo, Laetitia’s mother had thrown herself from a roof in a scene straight out of my song “The Messenger”.¬†She disappeared and left all her belongings to rot in the bizarre concrete shed perched high on the perimeter. She didn’t pay the rent either, but she was beautiful.

We played a charity deal and were invited down to Human a few times to play some songs.

More information about Prince of Cats here including further studio mixes. And the full four track soundtrack “Albion” here.

Dan Smart batterie.

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