Jet Lag

Jet Lag Sessions

Jetlag comes from one late night whiskey improvisation session using randomly detuned, dusty, out of shape guitars and household objects recorded in the hills. I opened up a bottle of LAGAVULIN and just started playing. By the time the sun appeared behind the mountains I had about four or five pieces of music. I managed to dig up these three but there’s more lurking about somewhere.

The core idea for the Napoleon song came from ¬†experiences I had drinking in Littleton before the quake took it all down. I was standing in the bar watching the chariot racing, drinking Monteiths when a couple of old geezers began to regale me with stories about their life in the port – a chinaman had hung hmself between their boats using a lawnmower. There wasn’t much mowing going on in Littleton.
I took the original rudimentary  instrumentation from the recordings and remixed them.

Napoleon 1969



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